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Engine Diagnostics

Each time your Check Engine light turns on it indicates a malfunction ...

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Brake System

On vehicles with disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear,you can expect...

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Fluid Exchanges

The fluids inside your vehicle's engine are much like the ones in your body ...

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Most Common


The job of the car suspension is to maximise the friction between the tyres and the road surface. To provide steering stability with good handling and ensure comfort of the passengers. On servicing of the vehicle we will report any repairs required to the shocks or suspension on your car and replace parts as requested.

Car Diagnostics

All modern cars have several on board computers i.e. engine management, ABS + air bags. When a fault occurs in any of these systems, a warning light will either flash or will stay illuminated on the dash board. We have advanced diagnostic equipment which will assist us to rectify the faults on your car.


Naturally, you want to get the best possible value and performance from your vehicle, that's why regular maintenance is essential. Not only does it help your vehicle run better and last longer, it also enhances your resale and trade-in value.

Pre-purchase Check
This is a service that we provide for all our customers free of charge. We recommend that if you see a car for sale that you like and want to buy, tell the seller to bring the car to us where we will check the car out thoroughly for you - before the sale is agreed.

Price List

Repair Services Average Time Prices
Oil Service 1 hour *
Full Service 2 hours *
Timing Belt 7 hours *
Clutch 6 hours *
Suspension Repairs 4 hours *
Brake Pads & Disks 1.5 hour *
Headlights Alignment 30 min *
Computer Diagnostics 1 hour *
Head Gasket 48 hours *
Steering & Tracking 2 hours *
Pre-NCT Test 1 hour *
Pre-purchase Check 30 min *
LPG Installation 3-4 days *

*As prices depend on supplier and model please call us to get full quatation for your car.

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