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Engine Diagnostics

Each time your Check Engine light turns on it indicates a malfunction ...

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Brake System

On vehicles with disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear,you can expect...

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Fluid Exchanges

The fluids inside your vehicle's engine are much like the ones in your body ...

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Why is Maintenance Important?

Responsibility is a large part of owning a car, and much of that responsibility involves simply taking care of your vehicle.

This is an essential part of maintaining the safety, reliability, performance, and value of a car. Without routine maintenance, parts like timing belts, water pumps, brakes, and transmissions can develop problems or fail, leading to costly repairs and endless headaches.

Here are some of the main reasons for routine car maintenance:

Car Care Video Tutorials

Video 1

Common auto repair keywords.
Auto repair can seem incomprehensible to beginners, but things can get easier if you can start off with a couple of important keywords. Here's a tutorial on five auto repair keywords to get you started.

Video 2

What are typical steering and suspension problems.
Your car can fall victim to any number of suspension and steering problems, but there are a few that are more common than others. Here's a guide to a couple of the most common suspension and steering problems.

Video 3

Inspecting brake system
Most vehicle manufacturers recommend periodicinspection of the brake system. This involves checking the fluid level in the master cylinder, brake pedalaction, condition of the lines and hoses, and the brake assemblies. These checks are to be performed during the preventive maintenance (PM) cycle

Video 4

How to check your car's tyre wear.
A short tutorial for checking your car's tyre wear. A video that ensures your car's tyre wear is road safety. We gives you some top tips on how to check your tyres for wear and tear.
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